About Me

I’m a religious marriage celebrant with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a love of theatre. Ceremonies I've professionally participated in range from the small and sacred to shout-it-to-the-world festivals of love and friendship. My faith is based in a lifelong search and discoveries leading me to a Buddhist/Daoist Qigong known as Falun Gong. 

What I do

I create lighthearted and fresh, yet reverent civil ceremonies. Every life-transition is an important opportunity to farewell a significant aspect of ourselves and welcome and celebrate another. It can be so empowering to stand up and declare a new direction for ourselves, refresh a valued decision, or recognise changes already happening in us. 

You don’t want just anybody officiating your ceremony. I don’t want just anybody officiating your ceremony – and I don’t even know you! So I had to go and get certified. It’s such a delight to work with couples and families to help clarify and realise their vision for their ceremony. It’s important to me that each event feels right, that it feels like home for everyone involved. I also write across a variety of styles, spanning creative and nonfiction, so my approach to tailoring a ceremony that’s just-so is both educated and flexible.