Emma and chris

We felt very comfortable from the beginning with Stef. After our initial meeting where she went over the information we felt well informed. Stef really listened to what we wanted and incorporated it in our ceremony which reflected us perfectly. Everything was perfect on our wedding day, we wanted a relaxed ceremony which was a celebration of our love and union with our nearest and dearest. Thank you Stef. 



It was such an honour to have you craft our ceremony. Countless guests have told us that it was the most personal and heartfelt ceremony that they have ever attended. Completing the questionnaire really helped us understand what was important to us and facilitated the collaborative process of building our story into the ceremony, which made it really special. You were very accommodating with our thoughts and we didn't feel that you were pushing any agenda on us. The legal parts were nicely woven into the general ceremony rather than contrasting strongly, and your relaxed style and control of the process helped keep things calm. We can't thank you enough. What you did for us has not only brought so much happiness to us, but to all our friends and family. Everything went so smoothly both leading up to and on the day, it was a huge contribution to making our day perfect. 


The process of developing our ceremony with Stef was the most wonderful way to prepare for such a significant event. Stef interviewed us and gave us questions to think about privately, which helped us to express how we valued each other. She composed these personal reflections into beautiful vows at the heart of a wonderful ceremony. We had discussed rituals with her that we found meaningful, but with no idea how they could be woven together, and she designed an occasion that was a unified whole. Her presence at the ceremony, welcoming everyone, guiding the proceedings and communicating joy was uplifting. Every detail was just right!


Stef is the perfect celebrant! Without taking over the event, she amplified our commitment and message of love for each other and our guests.  Her preparation was fun and fruitful, identifying important parts of our relationship to showcase in the ceremony, making it a fun time not another chore to tick off the wedding prep list. Stef is a talented writer outside of her celebrant duties, and it shows in her ceremonies. She built in elements of sweet, serious, fun, and clever in our ceremony, and whatever mix you desire I'm sure she can concoct it for you easily! She adapted our style perfectly. We'll be forever grateful for how beautiful Stef made our special day.


Stef has a unique ability to listen without judgement, an intuitive sense of others' wellbeing and a way of instantly instilling trust. In her work, she shows great respect and empathy; she is someone that does not need to preach high moral values but rather inspires others by her example. My first-hand experience of Stef's guidance gives me complete confidence in her services as a celebrant. 


Stef has a caring nature, yet is able also  to be penetrating when she sees an issue is important. She speaks of the marriage ceremony as a significant moment for individuals to commit publicly to one another, and to do so in a way that draws them closer to one another (and perhaps to themselves) as a foundation for the challenges and chances that will come their way. Stef follows a strong moral code which values inter-personal relationships and society-wide bonds.  She is bright, and motivated to be a positive influence in the lives of others.

jodie and richard

We're so glad that we found you and you were able to be our celebrant. It goes back to what I said in the beginning, how I didn't know quite what it was but I just got the feeling you were the one. You were wonderful to work with and we all collaborated to create a ceremony that was truly authentic, unique and special - everyone I've spoken to loved it and thought you were wonderful. We loved how down to earth and real you are/were rather than putting on a 'performance' which kept it truthful and gave it integrity whilst maintaining the weight of the seriousness of the marriage ceremony. We couldn't have asked for more. Perfect.

amy and phil

We are very pleased. You were great! We couldn't recommend you enough! We loved your fun personality and were impressed by your honesty and flexibility. If you weren't sure of something you didn't try to hide it and you figured something out. 


Stef, from the moment you sent us our ceremony script and we sat down together to read it, we were both so emotional. Gino and I tried hard to keep back the tears but we were overcome with tears of joy; reality hit us both that we were actually getting married. 

The way you worded the script for the ceremony was truly meaningful and personal to both of us. Your attention to detail was amazing! And you made us feel so comfortable. As you know Gino and I don't like being the centre of attention, but you made us feel at ease. Our ceremony was lighthearted and funny and will not be forgotten. Thank you so much for assisting my mother with her part during the ceremony - it made her so happy to be part of it. We received amazing feedback from our guests, everyone telling us that they have never had such a fun time. I only just watched the whole ceremony last night, and again I couldn't stop crying!


Dearest Stefania, 
Your care, attention, patience, guidance and skill set the tone at the ceremony for a magical and perfect wedding. The ceremony was simply extraordinary, which fact has been commented on by so many guests. We are absolutely in your debt. Best regards, Parents of the Couple


It was a great pleasure having Stef as our celebrant. She is thoughtful, creative and reflective. She listens very well. She started out by giving us a series of questions to help us think about our relationship, and about how we would like our wedding to be. Then she took the answers we gave her and crafted a personalised ceremony that captured who we are and celebrated the things that are particularly important to us. It was like magic. She brings enthusiasm and empathy to the whole process. She has a great sense of theatricality, and is able to engage everyone in the moment. She has a sense of humour, but also imbues the time with great depth of meaning. I have no hesitation in recommending Stef to others for any sort of celebration.


My husband and I loved working with Stef. She was kind, young, enthusiastic and we could actually relate to her! Stef was better than we could've ever hoped for. She helped guide us through writing our own vows, and wrote a ceremony that perfectly exemplified our beliefs and got to the core of who we are. She was patient with our many requests and crafted the perfect ceremony for us. She really was better than I'd expected any celebrant to be. I would 100% recommend her to anyone in need of a celebrant!